Melissa Lester, LCSW | Women’s Therapy & Counseling

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Therapy for the unique needs of women

I am Melissa Lester, LCSW. It is my privilege to provide therapy and counseling services for the unique needs of adult women across their lifespan. Combining traditional therapeutic techniques with body-focused energy work, I work with clients to reclaim their lives from anxiety, depression, trauma, disordered eating, and many other mental health issues.

You are more than the sum of your roles

What’s on your checklist? Who’s on your checklist? Job? Kids? School? House? Partner? Bills? Friends? Neighbors? Are ‘you’ – the essence of who you are – on your own checklist? Is there room for ‘you’ in your own life? Are you nurturing everyone and everything except your ‘Self?’

Do you know your ‘Self?’

Women’s burden in society is great. Expectations are that we put others ahead of our Self. And that we conform to the limited supporting roles that society, family, religious organizations and systemic patriarchy encourage us to assume. Rarely is it ok to dissent. And female ‘dissenters’ often find their support systems quickly withdrawn.

The price women pay for the abandonment of Self takes its toll. We are diminished. We often forget there is a Self. Eventually we wake up physically and emotionally exhausted, energetically depleted, ill or unwell. We feel confused about our purpose. At our worst we are joyless, depressed, hopeless, stressed and anxious. We don’t know how we got here, if we want to be here, or how to begin making change.

Good therapy and counseling is not about telling you any of these things. It is about helping to facilitate your own unique process. Good therapy and counseling supports you as you build and strengthen your relationship with Self. And from there, everything gets clearer and clearer. Not necessarily easier. But absolutely clearer.

Where to begin with therapy?

If you’re reading this, you’re already on your own road to mental wellness. You’re on your way to building a better relationship with Self. Healing begins when you realize you want to get there – even if you have no idea how or even where there is! The next step is often to reach out to a professional who you connect with. You want to work with someone who offers treatment methods that resonate with you. Your therapy relationship should feel safe, secure and just a little bit challenging.

My raison d’etre is working therapeutically with women. This means all women: all the single ladies, first/second/third wives and partners; Women who are mothers, child-free, or that cool aunt who looks out for her nieces, nephews, and niblings; ciswomen, transwomen, nonbinary women. Women who are straight, not-so-straight, homosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, queer, asexual, questioning, ace, aro, and ‘no labels please!’; Women of all abilities, ethnicities, races, religions and work status. All women/womyn/womben/womxn/wimmin/womon are welcome here. I am ready to work with you to improve your emotional wellbeing.

Reach out today to learn more, make an appointment, or ask about our Coming Out Late in Life group.