EFT Tapping – Is It Real?

This manualized for of acupressure:

Reduces anxiety (47%)
Lowers blood pressure (8%)
Reduces food cravings (74%)
Reduces trauma (up to 86%)
Reduces pain (57%)
Improves performance (athletic, academic, testing and more)
Increases immunity (113%)

and increases our sense of overall well-being.  

Tapping or ‘Emotional Freedom Techniques’

Tapping regulates our Nervous System to achieve both immediate and long-term, lasting relief.  By Tapping on acupressure points on the face and chest, we engage our Nervous System and set in motion the following well-accepted effects in the field of Mental Health and Neurology.

This is EFT Tapping

  • Manualized Acupressure
  • Imaginal Exposure
  • Nervous System Activation (optional)
  • Rapid Processing – Thoughts, Emotions, Somatic Sensations
  • Cognitive Restructuring
  • Memory Reconsolidation
  • Completion of Processing
  • Nervous System Downward Regulation
  • Distress Reduction or Elimination


Tapping is a well-researched method used by millions of people world-wide since the 1990s.  Because Tapping was historically met with some skepticism, it has become one of the most researched clinical approaches in use.  With pver 300 studies conducted as of this writing, an incredible 99% of these show positive impact.

“Tapping is the most effective psychiatric intervention in my 25 years of practice.”
~ Harvard Medical School Professor of Psychiatry Eric (“Rick”) Leskowitz, MD (retired)

Recent research by Peta  Stapleton, PhD, Associate Professor at Bond University, Australia is summarized in the above graphic:

  • 47% reduction in Anxiety 
  • 8% reduction in Blood Pressure
  • 74% reduction in Food Cravings 
  • 113% increase in Immunity Markers
  • 57% reduction in Physical Pain

Adults and children can easily learn to Tapping on their own or work with a trained Professional.  Once learned, you have the tools to take charge of your emotional regulation, mental clarify and physical relief. 

Get ‘unstuck.’  Feel better.  And move forward. 

Reduce and Resolve Trauma 

Life has traumatic moments for each of us.  We all experience overstimulation and distress in some form or another, and sometimes overwhelming distress becomes difficult to manage.  The impact that long-term distress has on our lives is often considerable.  

By helpfing to process thoughts, feelings and somatic experiences with Tapping, we can reduce our distress in the moment and for the long-term.  We lessen the overall stress on our Nervous System and clear the way for our bodies and minds to function with greater ease, greater clarity and greater calm.

In one study, after just 6 sessions with Tapping, 86% of disable combat veterans diagnosed with PTSD experienced enough relief to no longer qualify for the diagnosis.  Relief was maintained at 3 and 6 month follow ups.  And this study has been repeated multiple times with similar results.

Other studies also reveal a dramatic reduction in participants’ cortisol levels (24-49%) after Tapping.  Cortisol is one of our stress hormones that impacts sleep, appetite, weight, inflammation, immunity, mood, heart rate, blood pressure and more.  Reducing our cortisol levels significantly with Tapping is one of the easiest and most effective ways to improve mental and physical health.

We can incorporate EFT Tapping into our therapy work to achieve relief and resolution, often relatively quickly.  EFT Tapping Intensives can be scheduled to help you achieve faster progress in less time.

Note: Although EFT Tapping does meet the American Psychological Association’s definition of ‘evidence-based,’ as of 2024 the APA has not included it on their list of ‘evidence-based’ treatments and considers EFT Tapping to be ‘an experimental modality.’

Please let me know if you have any questions about EFT Tapping, or would like to know more about the research studies I discuss in my presentations.  I also encourage you to read the research and consider Tapping with a professional to evalulate the experience for yourself.

EFT Tapping Trainer, EFTi

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of Georgia and an EFT Tapping Trainer certified by EFT International

EFT Tapping is one of the methods that transformed my therapy practice (back in 2013) and the lives of many clients I have worked with.  If you are curious about EFT Tapping, we can experiment with Tapping to see if this approach resonates with you in our work together.

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