Trauma Resolution


Why ‘Trauma’ Resolution?

Not everyone loves the word ‘trauma.’  But the fact is, our understanding of what ‘trauma’ is, how it emerges, how it takes hold in the body and how it can be effectively resolved has become very well understood in the past 40 years.

So, what is ‘trauma?’  Simply put, trauma is what happens when we (and our Nervous System) do not have the chance to fully process or ‘digest’ all the aspects of a distressing event.  Remnants of the distressing event that are not fully processed remain lodged in the Nervous System and are often later activated or ‘triggered’ repeatedly over the course of someone’s life.

Trauma can be triggered consciously or unconsciously, and a common tell-tale sign that an old source of distress has been re-activated is when a present-day response is highly reactive and/or out of proportion to the present-day circumstance.  Emotional dysregulation is often the result of incompletely processed distress.

I encourage you not to get caught up in semantics.  One person’s ‘trauma’ is another person’s ‘adverse event’ is another person’s ‘hurt feelings.’  The good news – and the big takeaway – is that whatever we choose to call our lingering sources of distress, there are many approaches to resolving them, once and for all.  Which brings us to…

Why Trauma ‘Resolution?’

Engaging the pre-frontal cortex with ‘talk therapy’ can be a good starting point in thoughtfully, verbally exploring the possible origins of current-day distress or difficulty.

But you may have noticed that our knowledge, insights and understanding doesn’t always lead to a resolution of our distress – or even a reduction in our distress.  Understanding can be a great first step.  But the goal of good therapy and life-changing treatment is distress resolution.  Once and for all.

Trauma resolution can be achieved with many different therapy methods that facilitate a reprocessing of distress until there is no reactivity left in the Nervous System at all.  

We are fortunate to live in a time when we can choose to not be held hostage by our past experiences.

Working Together

Working together means that we will have the opportunity to use Meditation and Mindfulness skills, EFT Tapping or Acupressure, Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, Progressive Counting and other Somatic therapy approaches.  We will facilitate your emBodied processing of incompletely processed events.  And we will set you free from your past, to experience the present and create your chosen future.

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